Weaving Positive Energy Into Your Work

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Using Appreciative Inquiry assumptions and principles is one way to weave energy into your work .. to highlight and uplift what you are already doing ….

Assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry:

In every society, organization or group something works.

What we focus on becomes our reality.

Reality is created in the moment and there are multiple realities.

The act of asking questions of an organization or a group influences the group in some way.

People will have journey into the future (unknown) when they parts of the past (known).

People will have more confidence and comfort to journey into the future (unknown) when they carry forward parts of the past (known).

If we carry forward parts of the past they should be the best parts.

The language we use creates our reality.

It is important to value differences.

Original Principles of Appreciative Inquiry

Words create worlds (Social Constructionism)

We need to think of words as actions, as powerful tools that do things.” ~~Frank Barrett

Image inspires action (Anticipatory)

“Positive images of the future may be so powerful that they guide us a the cellular level.   Studies of the placebo effect, for instance, have demonstrated that images of health and well-being might play an important part in actually releasing the bodily mechanisms necessary for healing and recovery.”   ~~Frank Barrett

People commit to what they have voice in creating (Wholeness)

“Don’t change me, without me.”  ~~Marge Schiller

We can choose what we study (Anticipatory)

“What we study – what we ask questions about – should be guided by the vision of the world we want to co-create.” ~~ Frank J. Barrett

Inquiry creates change (Simultaneity)

“Since every question into a social topic begins a conversation that creates, maintains or transforms a way of being and doing, there is no such thing as a ‘neutral question.” ~~ Frank J. Barrett

Positive questions lead to positive change (Positive)

              “Hopeful imagery, embedded in discourse, attract energy and mobilizes intention and action.”   ~~ Frank J. Barrett

Appreciative Inquiry Principles description.

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You will never see the sun rise if you are always facing west

Image 3During a “dark night of the soul” … I drove to the Toronto lakefront to wait for the sun to rise.  It was unusual for me to sit and watch sunrises, I am more of a sunset type of person … as I sat journaling, I thought “Why is it taking so long for the sun to rise?  Why does it seem to be so light?” And then I realized … I was sitting where I  watch sunsets and I had my back to the sunrise!!!

Mindfulness is so important … stop and reflect to help break out of old mindless / automatic pilot types of actions.

To learn more about mindfulness watch Harvard Professor Ellen Langer video.

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