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She is a learning partner, facilitator and speaker. Maureen is a founding partner of Innovation Works - Follow her on TWITTER: @momckenna and on LINKEDIN: or EMAIL:

The E.L.K. can help you get the job!

At Innovation Works, we enjoy sharing techniques that we have found helpful to engage in healthy and productive conversations.  Our Compassionate  E.L.K.  is a powerful communication technique that helps create a safe space for people to speak up (address the ‘elephant’ in the room.) … Continue reading

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Mindful moment creates family fun!

Last week I spent a day with a healthcare group and our focus was: “Taking Care of Yourself & Taking Care of Each Other in Disruptive Times.      With an Appreciative Mindset, in a Mindful Way.” What I love … Continue reading

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Life is not always fair!

“This was clipped out of recent TED talk given by Frans de Waal regarding moral behavior in animals. In a nut shell we get to observe reaction and response of two Capuchin monkey when they receive different reward for same … Continue reading

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Weaving Positive Energy Into Your Work

When I weave, I weave … Continue reading

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You will never see the sun rise if you are always facing west

During a “dark night of the soul” … I drove to the Toronto lakefront to wait for the sun to rise.  It was unusual for me to sit and watch sunrises, I am more of a sunset type of person … as … Continue reading

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