The E.L.K. can help you get the job!

istock_canstock_elk at the table

At Innovation Works, we enjoy sharing techniques that we have found helpful to engage in healthy and productive conversations.  Our Compassionate  E.L.K.  is a powerful communication technique that helps create a safe space for people to speak up (address the ‘elephant’ in the room.)  To learn more about the Compassionate E.L.K., refer to our blog on the topic. 

We have been sharing the E.L.K. with our clients and giving them a toy E.L.K.  to bring into their meetings as a tangible reminder of the framework. Recently a client shared with us how the E.L.K.  came to her assistance at an interview for an executive position outside her organization.  

“One of the questions in the final interview was “what animal would describe your leadership style? I had brought my “E.L.K.” along in my bag for positive energy during my interview. When this unexpected question came, I pulled out the elk and talked about empathy, listening and kindness. What a moment! The panel was “wowed”.” 

Yes, she did get the job! You never know when and where the  E.L.K. can be of assistance!

E Empathy generates positive energy by “walking in each others’ shoes”.

       “No one knows how much you know, until they know how much you care.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

L – (appreciative) Listening to learn and asking ‘curious’ vs judgmental questions.

“Listening may be the golden key that opens the door to human relationships.”   ~William Ury

KKind People having the courage to speak up and address challenges vs being nice and avoid confrontation.

“Kindness is a language where the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”   ~Mark Twain

We believe in generosity and abundance and offering what we have developed to those who find our insights, frameworks and models helpful.  We would ask that when using our materials such as the E.L.K. that you reference our site.  Thanks in advance.

About Maureen (Mo) McKenna

She is a learning partner, facilitator and speaker. Maureen is a founding partner of Innovation Works - Follow her on TWITTER: @momckenna and on LINKEDIN: or EMAIL:
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