Mindful moment creates family fun!

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Last week I spent a day with a healthcare group and our focus was:

“Taking Care of Yourself & Taking Care of Each Other in Disruptive Times.      With an Appreciative Mindset, in a Mindful Way.”

What I love about our work is that you never know what people will take away from the day and how it can impact not only their work life … it can impact their personal life too!

A day later I received this note from a participant:
“Thanks so much the time and opportunity to participate in such an awesome day yesterday. I know that you invested a lot of time, resources and preparations into making it great and I really appreciated it! It not only fit the bill as a team building day…but filled my bank both professionally and personally. Last night when my evening extra time was cancelled due to child illness…I decided to make an effort to go home and be mindful.

It started with me sitting at the kitchen table as the kids had their snack…and ended an hour and 45 minutes later after lots of funny stories about their school day and even googling and learning the lyrics and singing that crazy Christmas song “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”! Let’s just say that Suzzie has mastered the original version from the 50’s! Olivia just kept saying this is so much fun!!! What a powerful moment!

Still practising being mindful…”

Now that is someone who is showing their appreciative mindset in a very mindful way …

We would love to hear your stories about taking a mindful moment with your family?

About Maureen (Mo) McKenna

She is a learning partner, facilitator and speaker. Maureen is a founding partner of Innovation Works - www.innovationworks.ca. Follow her on TWITTER: @momckenna and on LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/maureenmckenna or EMAIL: mckenna.maureen1@gmail.com
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